Mdz Quixter


Mdanzig Seeds The “Quixter" (Old school Sourbubbleryder X Power Stout male) and Sourbubbleryder is B.O.G.s Sour Bubble BX3 circa 2006 X Deisalryder X Diesalryder (Joint Doctors 2nd auto). Story here is 1 of 15 seeds made it out of small batch of Sourbubbleryder seeds that were found in the pocket of my old leather jacket. A special bag of seeds were hidden in the jacket during my relocation, and I forgot where I had put them. I’m assuming the extreme temperature changes had a lot to do with the germination rate. The single seed that germinated turned out to be a female. This plant grew tall with some very heavy resin production. Some strange leaf patterns were evident, like buds growing out of the leaf stems. The quality stood out tremendously. So I crossed her with an auto male from a unmarked bag of auto seeds that turned out to be Power Stout (one of my very first auots). Some of the resulting prodigy grew tall, and some are very heavily stout, still yielding an ounce plus each. This is as close to B.O.G.'s Sour Bubble Bx3 as I could get, as this particular hybrid really stands out. The smell, resin production, and over-all bag appeal make this a winner. Characteristics : Very strong head, and body high combo, this really is the best of both worlds.

Standard / Feminised: Standard
Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks
Flowering Time Outdoors: 10 - 11 weeks
Enviroment: indoor, outdoor, Greenhouse
Autoflower: Yes
Seeds Per Pack: 10
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