Kmg Happy Chem


Happy Brother X ChemdogD IX1
A cross of the Happy Brother cut x Chemdog D IX1 male.
Here are shots of a selected sweet pheno number #5.
She is flowering for 4 weeks.
These seeds where a step in the Happy Brother BX1 seeds, and where made for my male search.
I found a great one for that prodject #3. But it seems to be a nice crossing.
These came out mighty kushy and there is some serius funk in them. They got that stocky look.
Thick branching and finish in around 9/11 weeks. This is a fun hardhitting indica strain.

Standard / Feminised: Standard
Flowering Time: 9 - 11 Weeks
Enviroment: indoor
Autoflower: No
Seeds Per Pack: 10
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