Eol - Gn Luang Prabang Lao Sativa


During a recent excursion to the east we have been lucky enough to meet with the local population of Laos and the surrounding areas. This has given us access to some of the more untainted strains the world has to offer. Luang Prabang is a city in Northern Laos which lends its name to these seeds. Graced beautifully by the Mekhong river this area has had the benefit of not receiving much influence from the western markets while still providing a rich and fertile area for its indigenous strains. This has allowed the local strains to remain in their original states and therefore represents a rare and indulgent window into the past. Some of the strains in this area have been grown without outside influence for many years. We have recently sourced a batch of these seeds from a respected local farmer and are now proud to offer these to you as one of the many land race strains we will be providing in the future. Being a landrace strain there are obviously a few points to be considered. These seeds are not stabilised in the same way many of the western bred seeds are and as a result they retain their original beauty and traits. This also presents a very intriguing challenge to the grower. These seeds may express latent traits, they will be grown away from their native environment and offer an excellent insight into historic growing. For this reason we do NOT recommend that novice growers attempt these, they are a challenge to grow well and many changes may be needed to see them reach their full native potential. If youre a serious grower looking for a challenging strain, an old school grower who remembers fondly the Thai/Laos/Cambodia based strains of the past or are a breeder looking for original strains then these may be exactly what your interested in. Rest assured the smoke reports on these are very positive. The smoke is smooth and earthy with no roughness on the throat. An initial giddy high that slowly increases in intensity without those nasty palpitations, levelling out to a lasting high which is longer than an indica, this really is like a classic old school Asian Sativa. The bud itself is not the sparkly lime green crystal fest shown in most recent strains. The buds are shades of brown and copper with occasional hints of red, with the leafy look typical of a true Asian Sativa. Those of you who remember the fabled Thai sticks of old will definitely feel that tinge of nostalgia with this one. We have only a limited supply and interest in this blast from the past is bound to be high! Im sure many of you will get more than just nice plants from this strain, the appeal is there from many angles. We have decided to offer these in packs of 20 instead of the normal 10 to ensure you, the grower/breeder, have the best possible chance of finding that beautiful keeper and offer you the ability to retain something special available for the future. Flowering time: The Luang Prabang farmers report that in their native environment these seeds usually finish between 11-14 weeks. Outside that environment there may be some minor deviation from these times but we believe this deviation will not be significant. For those growing indoors we recommend they are flowered at 3rd internode or as soon as the plant shows asymmetry. As potentially the first westerners to grow these strains we are confident that these will prove a valuable resource for growers and breeders alike.

Standard / Feminised: Standard
Flowering Time: 12 - 14 weeks
Enviroment: indoor, outdoor, Greenhouse
Seeds Per Pack: 15
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